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Unblock Telegram with Proxy

Step 1. Choose country and duration for your private SOCKS5 Telegram proxy
Step 2. Copy your private Telegram proxy to the clipboard using our proxy export system
Step 3. Open the copied link on your device and proxy will instantly connect!
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Unblock Telegram with RoxiVPN

Step 1. Download and subscribe to RoxiVPN
Step 2. Connect to a US or UK server
Step 3. Enjoy Telegram wherever you are!
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Proxy or VPN?

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  • Basic Privacy
  • Unblocks Telegram
  • Apps for all platforms
  • Encrypts traffic
  • Maximum speed
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  • Advanced Privacy
  • Unblocks Telegram
  • Apps for all platforms
  • Advanced traffic encryption
  • Maximum speed
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Step 1. Сlick on the telegram icon to connect the proxy to the telegram messenger

Step 2. Click on Connect Proxy button and that’s all - now you are protected!

How to unblock Telegram with Proxy?

Blocking can be bypassed using a proxy - a special server through which your requests to Telegram will go "bypass". It is absolutely safe - proxies will not be able to decrypt or listen to your traffic. You can add several proxies at once - Telegram itself will choose among them the fastest and most stable and connect to it.

The proxy is by default built into any official Telegram client and uses the SOCKS5 protocol. It transfers data from the first client to the second and vice versa. Unlike HTTP proxies, any traffic can be allowed through SOCKS5 proxies. In this scenario, it turns out that you are accessing the server, and not the forbidden Internet address, so the connection is not blocked.

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