Roximat Technical Properties

Datacenter or Residential?


More specifically, Anonymous Private Datacenter, our proxies are.

Dynamic or Static IP?

Static IP, no rotation. 

Minimum Proxy Rental Time Period?

IPv6 - 3 days

IPv4 - 30 days

IPv4 Shared - 30 days

Take Note

No minimum proxy rental time period customization is possible. But max is 90 days. And also something in between, more info here: Pricing Table

Can I Customize My Proxy Location?

YES, country level only.

Region, Town, City level? NO. 

We sell datacenter proxy and we cannot arrange specific location in advance. 

By the way, you can still take advantage of our VPN service called RoxiVPN, we offer way bigger list of servers where you can even choose specific location on the region/town level. Take a look at https://www.roxivpn.com/

Support & Account

Oops, I Need Password Recovery

You can reset your account password through the password recovery page.
Note that this link will also appear after an unsuccessful login attempt.

I Need Your Heeeelp!

Simple, let us know via channels below whatever the issue is, but do not forget to mention as much info as you can. It will speed up the process of resolving.

Email: support@roximat.com

Website Widget, here: Contact Website Widget

Take Note

Respond time can be up to 24hrs!

How Lazy Roximat Support Team Is?

Well, we guess our support team does his best, but sometimes they forget themselves at vending machine and you can get answer in up to 24hrs

Take Note

Keep an eye on your SPAM folder after what you are expecting to get our team's respond!

I Did Not Get Answer from Support!

Please try to check your email inbox SPAM or bulk message folder, as it can happen time to time that answer of our technician would land to those folders. Once you find our email move it to your main folder. 

If you did not get answer whatsoever, please contact our team once again at: support@roximat.com

Proxy Management

What is Delivery Process of Purchased Proxy?

You will receive the proxy with speed of light after what payment was made, it will be delivered to your Roximat's account here: https://roximat.com/proxies/index

If proxy did not show up in your account after successfuly payment, let us know. We will truly appreciate if you will share as much information with our team as possible at: support@roximat.com

I Need to Replace the Proxy!

Replacement is possible in the first 24hrs after purchase for a good reason and is governed by our Refund Policy

- Replacement from e.g. IPv6 to IPv4 is not technically possible, but we will grant you credits back for your first order and you can reorder different option (if the expectations above are met)

- Feel free to contact our support team for replacement inquiry: support@roximat.com

Please Note: Type change from HTTPS to SOCKS5 can be done from your "My Proxies" page, instantly.

I Need Discount!

If you are interested in some better pricing, we can offer you two ways how to save money on proxy purchase.

1) Get 30% lifetime discount, more info here: https://roximat.com/balance/index

2) Save money per proxy with bulk order, more info here: https://roximat.com/proxies/prices

Proxy Configuration (How To)

My Proxy Is Not Working!

Do not panic, there is chance your configuration may not be correct, make sure you did all correctly (best way is to google some tutorial for your browser, app, program). You can also check our blog for some tutorials: Roximat Blog

But if you are still not sure, feel free to let know our support team and they will check the proxy for you. Leave a message here: support@roximat.com

I Am Not Sure What Proxy I need

Best way is to Google your software/app/website and find out what is recommended proxy. If browsing internet, go with HTTPS and rather IPv4. If you gonna use app/software, SOCKS5 is recommended and IPv4 as well, but there are exceptions where you can go with IPv6 in both scenarios.

if you are not sure, feel free to ask our support BEFORE purchase, and we can help you to find best solution possible, find us at: support@roximat.com

Do You Even Have Some "How To" Articles?

Surely we do :) We have posted some blog posts with most common client's requirements, so please take a look at our blog: https://blog.roximat.com/

You can find tutorials for these scenarios:

  • Firefox Browser
  • Chrome Browser (with/out our Free Extension)
  • Windows 10
  • Telegram
  • Android
  • How to Change from HTTPS to SOCKS5 and vice versa

If you do not see your platform/web/app listed above, feel free to contact our support team atsupport@roximat.com

General Knowledge Base

I Am Completely Confused with Proxy Types

Do not despair, there are basically few definitions of proxy servers, we tried to explain that for laymen in this blost post: blog.roximat.com/proxy-types

What's the Matter With IPv6 and IPv4 Price?

IPv6 is cheaper mainly from new technical improvements done on this protocol version, so basically technical progress has decreased costs of maintaining and running IPv6. 

But it is still newer protocol and not all webs/app/softwares do support this one. 

Is IPv6 worse than IPv4?

Technically NO, there are several advantages of IPv6 as it is newer protocol version, but the most important thing for end user is that IPv6 is not support by all sites/apps/programs/etc.. Then you need to invest in older IPv4. 

If you are not sure if your final destination supports IPv6, you can google it in advance or let us know and we will try to check it for you, let us know here: support@roximat.com


What the Payments Methods Are?

We currently accepts payments with PayPal only, but if you want to use your credit/debit card, you can upload it to your Paypal account (note, you may be asked to create an account if have never used PayPal before).

Here is tutorial how to upload card to your PayPal account: 


*Please note, we do not currently accept payments with crypto, or with coupons/gift cards. In general. 
What is Your Business Model?

Our service is not subscription based, no hidden fees, no payment credentials needed in advance. 

It is simple marketplace where you get proxy immediately in exchange for your money. When you do not want to pull out your card everytime you need proxy, you can simply top up your Roximat account in advance with desired amount of money and then spend only the credits for needed proxies. If you want some special deal regarding credits, you can check the info here: 30% Life Time Discount

Will You Refund Me When I Need?

There are few conditions under which your refund request can be accepted and processed as you require. But basic rule is that we can accept your request within 24hrs window from your initial purchase.

We stronlgy recommend to check our Refund Policy here: https://roximat.com/site/refund-policy

IPv4 Shared are not refundable back to payment method under any circumstance.

I Need Invoice For My Purchase!

In case you need invoice for your company/personal accounting purposes, please leave a message with your credentials at our email support@roximat.com and we will create invoice asap or contact you back in case of needed additional questions. 

Did not find the answer to your question?